R1 Status update

still getting used to new forum. re-posting my question to @Geoff_Perlman:

Hey Geoff,

great to see the forum change!

By chance, will you be giving an update on R1 status and possible update since the R1 XDC 2020 announcement?

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We we are now in testing of course. We don’t give out updates simply because we won’t ship until we believe R1 is ready. We have our own ways of measuring that of course and mostly it comes down to the number of bug reports we have left to deal with. The numbers have come down dramatically over the last week or so.

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That is really good news about the decrease in number of items left open in the last week or to. Thank you again for the update!

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We are making very fast progress at this point. I can’t say what new reports may come up but at this rate we are certainly getting close to the end of the cycle.