Quiz !

Hi all,

I’m have made a quiz about Xojo language (25 questions)

Each good reply give 4 points (25 * 4 = 100 points)

You have 2 buttons on screen:

Button “1/2” for hide 2 bad replys on the current question, if you doesn’t sure of the reply ! (only one use)

Button “Skip” for give good reply and goto next question (only one use)

At the end of quiz, if you doesn’t use a button you have 3 points bonus (total points are 106 points)

The app store your best score.

Download here: OSX ONLY:

Please post your score here ! it’s just for fun :slight_smile:


Small donation accepted for have source code of app:

***86 points
I didn’t see the buttons and I didn’t see what I answered incorrectly.
(And I assumed there was a time limit. Wish I knew there wasn’t otherwise I would have Googled things. :slight_smile: )