Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook

I have to tell you about an App i recently discovered, because it’s so awesome! :slight_smile:

Quiver: The Programmer’s Notebook (Mac App Store Link)

Quiver is a Notebook which not only supports Syntax Highlighting for more than 230 Languages, it offers the ability to mix Code, Text, LaTeX, Markdown, Flowcharts and Diagrams, in one Note. Including Tags, a Title and so on.
I made a quick entry to show you a Note with a Flowchart. A Flowchart is created by using flowchart.js Syntax:

With the flowchart.js in the 3rd “Cell” of the Note, this:

becomes this:

Please excuse this litte “advertising” but i think Quiver is really impressive and i had to tell you about it. :slight_smile:

Yes, i know the Chart is wrong and the spelling is buggy. But i just wanted to make a quick example for the Forum :wink:

I’ve had it for a while and agree it is a well done app.