Quit an action event

Hi Xojo-Forum,

as a long-time Excel-Programmer i recently started working with Xojo.
And some minutes ago i found a problem … and no solution yet :frowning:
I’m sure that this is a funny question for you all …

I call the action event for a pushbutton.
In this event i want to make a numerical calculation. So i check the contents of two textfields if they are numeric. So far so good.
If at least one of the textfields yields a non-numeric result i want to quit the event (just like EXIT SUB in Excel-VBA).

How can i do this?
Please help me with ( i assume) one line of code :slight_smile:

Thanks very much in advance


As you said:

exit sub

That will work.

Seems like the best time to bang my head against the wall … :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot