QuickTime Audio Track Channels

I have two movies. Each has a mono audio channel. I want to create a movie that contains the audio tracks from both movies. Then I want to set one audio track to Left Channel and the other audio track to Right Channel.

Creating the new movie and copying the audio tracks is easy. But how do I assign one track to left and the other track to right?

MBS appears to have the functions needed, but I cannot get them to work and I cannot find any sample code out there either.

I think you would need to use the channel layout class to define channel layouts and assign them to each track, than put them in one movie with same start time.

I tried going down the channel layout path, but nothing I changed made any difference when viewing the tracks in QuickTime 7’s movie properties. One of the sample projects that came with the MBS plugin used that class, so I tried using that as a starting point as well. But still no luck. Each track still shows the original channel information.

Well, I won’t say that I solved. But I think I got it to work. Not sure what I did different. But the channel layout class did eventually seem to be the solution.