Quickly get to Debugging interface

In previous versions of the software, while debugging there would be a Run tab that would automatically open so that you could easily access to get to the debugging interface. In Xojo it seems the only indication that the program is being debugged is in the navigator near the bottom under the “Run” heading. Does this mean to get to the debugging interface I need to go to the navigator and scroll all of the way down (we have some very large projects) and then select the program under the subheader? Is there no shortcut for this?

When I press run, the debug tab opens automatically.

Correct, but often while debugging we go throughout different areas of the program, editing many things while still debugging. Previously to get back to the Run tab you would just click the tab in the tab bar. In Xojo is the only way to scroll to the bottom of the navigator and select it there? Our projects have hundreds of windows/controls/etc so scrolling down there is a hassle, as is having to click the navigator, make sure there is no filter set, look down at the keyboard and hit End, and then select the run tab there.

Ah! I didn’t notice it wasn’t really a tab. That would make a good FR - make the debug session its own tab. You can do that now manually, but it’s a little awkward/unintuitive.

You may want to sign up to <https://xojo.com/issue/27133>

Already implemented for a future version - see 26375