Questions about Xojo to see if it will work for my app idea

Hi all, I just discovered Xojo today and have some questions to see if it will work for my app idea.

I want to build a desktop/mobile work management app with parts of the data residing on a server (e.g. shared data, account/company info, tasks, etc.) and parts of it residing on the client (e.g. user’s mail). The desktop client will also be an email client which connects to a user’s Gmail or Microsoft email accounts to send/receive emails.

The high level requirements are:

  1. Allow for client/server architecture (I’m ok building the data/logic server outside of Xojo as long as desktop/mobile client created in Xojo can perform CRUD operations against the server).
  2. Works with oAuth and REST APIs for connecting to Microsoft and Google from the client.
  3. Supports IMAP and SASL XOAUTH2
  4. Is able to run scheduled/reoccurring jobs from the client.
  5. Able to store some data on client and other data on server.
  6. Has ability to parse RFC822 complaint emails from the client and then store them in a local database/file.
  7. Offline capabilities that sync with server db once online.

Hoping all of this is possible.


Bonus points: Are there developers in the community for hire to assist with building the app?

Exactly what my app does (amongst other things). There are Xojo classes to do some of these things, too, but I’m not sure whether or not they could be used to handle all facets of email or not. I didn’t use them, rolled my own.

Hi @TimStreater, that’s good to hear. Any docs/examples/code you could share on how you developed it?

Define mobile …

Currently iOS support is very limited, and Android support is non-existent. Which basically restricts you to web apps on mobile.

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For IMAP/OAUTH you need a plugin. Either the MBS plugin ( or the Chilkat plugin ( work very well with IMAP. I’m using the Chilkat plugin for my desktop app.

Xojo has classes for handling emails. They are simple and not useful.

If you want to parse simple emails the MBS plugin will be okay. If not, you need to roll your own parser. I have an email parser at .

iOS and Android. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it would be good to know how far down the roadmap supporting mobile is.

Thanks @Beatrix_Willius! The Chilkat xojo plugin looks really useful and has a lot of plugins that I would need. It looks like your parser only works on Mac, so not sure if that is something I can use at the moment as I’m going to start with a Windows app before moving to Mac. I’ll check it out again once I get further along. Thanks for the help!

In a previous life, I wrote an article somewhere on doing oAuth with Xojo… (You know, when computing was fun) I can’t find it now. It may have referenced the MBS plugin or using the installed copy of CURL on the computer. CURL no longer comes installed on Macs, I don’t know about Windows.

So it would seem prudent to use the MBS plugin for CURL. @Christian_Schmitz Your plugin includes the CURL library right?

Sure, you can do it on Xojo. It is a great tool, easy to use, multiplatform, and for the most part covers the basics.

But that is the problem with Xojo. For the high level requirements, the out of the box classes are half baked solutions, toy classes or simply non existent. Of course you can do it on xojo, you just have to write it yourself, or use third party plugins/classes ($$$).

Well, that’s a little scary. Any examples?

Well, take a look at what others have mentioned here, The Chilkat Plugin

And MBS plugins:

and many others covering what is missing

Before adopting it, make sure you can rely on 3rd party products or have the time to reinvent the wheel by yourself

Our MBS Xojo CURL Plugin includes the libCURL for the CURLSMBS class.

MBS classes can help to parse email with MimeEmailMBS class and use CURLEmailMBS class to build an email and send it via CURLSMBS class.

I don’t develop for Windows but the code should mostly work there, too.

Xojos email classes are very very simple.

Yes there are! You can put out a general request here: There are also folks like me who offer consulting services for Xojo development needs.


Thanks @Tim_Parnell!

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