Questions about images & Web Apps

Hello all.

A few questions about image useage in web apps:

  1. What is the better file format to use - .png or .jpg?
  2. A stand-alone app provides a folder called “[app name] Resources” Within that folder are images. I “think” this folder is created and the images are placed there since they are part of the source code/IDE at design & compile time. Is this correct?
  3. From other forum posts it appears that it is better to NOT have images embedded into the app, but rather reference them as a URL locally by creating a folder such as “Images”. My question is, does this also hold true for a Stand-Alone web App? If not what is the best practice?
  4. When images are included in the IDE during design time, are they also included in the compiled app, even if they are NOT used in the source code? Are there disadvantages to having image files in the app/development file but not in the app itself?

Anything else I am missing? This is only with regard to stand-alone apps.

Thanks all!

PNG and JPEG are both fine.

PNG supports alpha.
JPEG and PNG can both do grayscale.
And PNG is lossless while JPEG has quality levels and may loose details.

Hi Christian!
Thank you for your reply. Do both load equally fast or slow?