Questions about Android support

Is it possible to load pictures from the client side ? (not from web server)
Can I open a client Sqlite DB rather than the database that it is running on webserver ?
Can I use the localstorage of the android browser ? (How)

Info: Smartphone Browser localStorage is up to 5x Faster than Native Cache


You’d need to write a custom control to do this stuff. As for localStorage being some multiple “faster” than native cache, I’d say worry about that once you get pictures to cache on the client side. WebPicture doesn’t do that very well right now. When you do get that working, I’d guess you’re not going to worry about that extra factor, whatever it really is :-).


Hi Brad,
What is wrong with the picture cache?


For a single session, sure. Let’s say you have a lot of static or static-enough picture data that you’d like to persist for several sessions (or weeks or months) by a particular end user. Choices are to serve that with an external web server or write a special handler to serve it and invoke Cache-Control header.

My point is that there are far bigger performance dragons to slay first before worrying about anecdotal differences in speed between localStorage and browser cache. You brought up another this morning with WebSockets.