Question on defined events

Dear Xojo users,
I would like to ask a question, even that I have seen a possible answer, but it still a bit scary (at least for me) to use it in professional application

Say, I have a control and create custom control from that. Let that be a WebContainer. In the custom control I use the Opening event, to do something, whatever I need for my custom control. Instances can no longer use that event. But, if I define event named exactly “Opening”, instances once again do have Opening event, which normally I would raise at the end of custom control’s Opening. I hope I have explained well with all this Openings one meaning Event, other event definition.
Question is - am I creating recurrent calls or something else that could be considered problematic?

Thanks for the answer(s) if any.

That’s the correct method. It won’t cause a loop.

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Something you may not know. When you implement an event like Opening on a subclass, you can right-click on it and select Create Event Definition and it will create one that’s identical to it, including any parameters.


Thank you Ian and Greg.