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I don’t understand how this database is formed.
The basic data is

Var dishes As New Dictionary("Baked Potato":30, "Burger":12, "Casserole":21.30, "Chicken Salad":18.20, _
"Curry":25.5, "Frittata":30.40, "Lassagne":25.5, "Noodle":20, "Rissoto":30, "Tapas":35.50, "Salt & pepper chips":18.20, "Crispy Chinese duck with peaches":15.30, _
"Pineapple, beef & ginger stir-fry":15.10,"Doner kebab":10.20,"Spatchcock piri-piri chicken":18.10,"Chicken tikka masala":15.90,"Easy sweet & sour chicken":14.45, _
"Naan bread pizza":7.50, "Spicy Indian rice":12.50, "Vegetable curry for a crowd":20.5, "Chicken chow mein":12.7)

The delimiter for it is a colon, but there is no Split in the project. How does this get broken into a dictionary?

The code is using pairs. See Pair - Xojo Documentation .

That explains the colon. What I didn’t realize is a dictionary is only pairs.
Thank you

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