question for japanese users: internationnal savvy text editor in xojo?

I will perhaps have to make some big application with xojo and database
and this application must edit japanese texts
most often receive emails that can be written in japanese, store them in database, answer them in an editor and send the response back.

can anyone confirm me that you can edit japanese texts in xojo textarea ?
does it works on mac and windows ?
can you also do any kind of languages like arabic or chinese ? (that write on the other way)


Japanese is fully supported by Xojo on OS X. I haven’t tested it on Windows yet. Regarding Arabic and Chinese, the TextArea displays the text without issues but doesn’t seem to support RTL (right-to-left texts) by default. You may need to have a look at Apple Cocoa docs and use declares.

Two of our apps created in Xojo fully support Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai languages. The backend is a MySQL database and the local storage is using SQLiteDatabase class. The trick is to alway use UTF-8 and you must be careful to always use DefineEncoding when in doubt. We are Windows-only.

I just tried the xojo styled text example. I changed the read-only property of the textarea and so was able to edit text
I choose japanese keyboard, and it seems ok
then I choose arabic keyboard, and the text went editing from right-to-left without any problem ?
same with chinese too.
I dont understand arabic nor japanese, so I dont know if what I wrote means something…
can someone who understand japanese or arabic confirm this simple thing with styledtext ?