Question about XoJo Web Apps

I’m assuming it’s possible to create apps similar to Desktop versions with some differences and limitations…

My real question is: Is anyone using XoJo created web apps with a WordPress Website?

This is where my web app deployment tool Lifeboat can come in really handy. It can help you configure Xojo Web apps next to the rest of your website.

I tend to recommend not using WordPress for every website because it’s such a huge resource hog. It has its uses, but none of my business uses WordPress so I haven’t ensured Lifeboat can install every component necessary.

I am working on a version of Lifeboat that can install MariaDB. If you want to reach out privately we can work together to ensure Lifeboat installs the components necessary for Wordpress (if you have the time to debug with me).

Other than that, I do really recommend Lifeboat for configuring Web Apps next to the rest of your website. I dog-food it and use Lifeboat to manage everything Strawberry Software :slight_smile:


Thanks Tim. At this point, I’m just considering various things. My website as well as any client websites I build are in WordPress. I don’t have a current need to develop any Web Apps so will probably not be doing anything in the immediate future. Not ready to spring for the XoJo Web App License at this point. Thanks for the info about Lifeboat. That may be very handy if I decide to go down the Web App road at some point. :slight_smile:

I agree with Tim about the use of a lot of resources. I would add that it is not very safe. The tool is required to be constantly updated to patch the bugs.

WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) to host a domain. I use the Elementor plugin for creating great pages.

The reason is simple: the tool has the structure to develop pages faster.

WordPress was designed to manage content. Many ignore this and use it to make simple web pages.

The problem is when you want to make a payroll, accounting, billing, or other systems. WordPress doesn’t work for this. But XOJO can save you. Like the Elementor, you can develop fast with XOJO.

If you need to create a faster content web page tool, not an administrative page. You would use WebFlow ( It is an ideal tool to combine with XOJO.

Some of my first Xojo projects were Web. One of which read data from a WordPress site, directly from the MySQL database, it was fairly straightforward.

For the opposite direction, I’ve created an API service in Xojo and the added some JavaScript to the Wordpress site to display data from a Xojo Webapp database (I think it was SQLite).

I’m not a Wordpress fan, I have fairly regularly integrated Blocs websites (bootstrap) with Xojo Webapps using the API method above.

Xojo Web is very powerful, most of my experience is with Xojo Web 1.0 though.

While not Wordpress, I have created web sites in EverWeb that look a bit like Xojo Web 2.0. I then have buttons that launch Xojo apps, so the interface is not jarring. I assume you could do this with Wordpress too.