Question about Thermocouple

Anyone have a link for Thermocouple Amplifier for S type or how can i get the temp from this type of thermocouple?
I have search the internet but only found for K type.

Hi Loannis,

I am not an expert with thermocouples, but have used different types in embedded systems.
the analogue amplifier is not so important as the code that converts the voltage to a value for display.

basically if you use any type of thermocouple with a linear amplifier(simple OP amp) its output will follow the expected gradient which can easily be used with a look up table to covert to temperature, or use an algorithm?

here is a link to an embedded application note from microchip which has a great deal of information regarding thermocouples in general, including the S type.

Thermocoule PDF

The S type appears to have a linear but low level output of a few millivolts at most, a very simple OP amp with a gain of perhaps 50 would be a good starting point.



MAX31855 Cold-Junction Compensated Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter

will read all your thermocouples types, and you have an adc inside and a SPI bus that can be directly interfaced to the rasbperry
( but you may need some code to read it I don’t know for that part)

Thank you Mark and Jean i will give a try.
Still trying to figure out how to make it work the 31850 but no success until now…

using the max31850 with a raspberry pi :

the 31855 seems easier with its SPI bus than a 1-wire bus.?

Yes i agree and have the library ready…but here we are out of stock again,and by mistake i order the 31850 :frowning:
I am trying the solution at last to see if is working but the only i get is -bash: w1thermsensor: command not found

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