Question about ReportDataListBox

This may have been entered before. I have followed the example in Xojo about a ReportDataListBox. When I try to add the ReportDataListBox to a window I cannot find it; I can find the standard List Box but this does not work. Can anyone kindly tell me how I can add the ReportDataListBox as a PrintableListBox? Thank you.

Which example ?

List Box Report

The item in that example is a SUBCLASS of a regular Listbox but it exists only in THAT project.
It’s not a standard item provided by the IDE but one made for use in that project.
Hence why you cant just locate it and add it to your project.

You can copy that item from that example project into your own project.
It may require some tweaks to work in your project.

Will try doing as you say. Thank you for the time and help.