Question about Ptrs and object.handle

Is there a way to get the XojoFramework to return to me the Xojo Object from the .handle property.

I know that I can do one of the two things.

  1. Use a dictionary.
  2. Use an array.

For different circumstances I currently use different techniques. Originally I was using dictionaries all the time, but then I realized that for objects that I know I’m going to have a small amount of, using an array might actually be faster, and it is. I’ve improved responsiveness for some of my callbacks by using an array. However I can’t do this for eveything as with some objects, an array is going to hit a point where it’s faster to use a dictionary.

Which has got me thinking, I am pretty certain that Xojo already have a mechanism for doing this in their framework, which I suspect is probably faster than either of these methods, so can I tap into that and use it myself to take an integer (which is a ptr) and the Xojo object from it?

You can put objects in array or dictionary directly.
No need to use handles.