Question about Ohanaware App Kit Release 3 and Xojo 2022.r1


Can I use App Kit with last release of Xojo or do I need to stick to a specific release?

I’ve tried to convert Mac App Template to the new Desktop API from the editor, but I get a lot of errors. Any plans to update the template and the demo project?


Yes you can use the Ohanaware App Kit with the current release of Xojo.
However due to DesktopControls breaking 25 years of compatibility, and a bug in the conversion engine, this will cause the project to become incompatible with itself.

There is currently no easy solution and it has been something that I’ve been thinking about for months.


Thank you for your reply, Sam. I have experience similar troubles converting the Xojo Unit project.

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Ok, I can see I can use App Kit with Xojo 2022.r1 only if I load the template and work without converting it to API 2.0. However, I can’t add App Kit folder to a new project because new projects use API 2.0 by default.

Some of the declares will work.

The rest of it is sadly not compatible, and due to the options available to me at the moment, there is no clear way to make it compatible with both sets of control names.

I know I need to do something, but I don’t know what at this point.

You can use the old “Default Desktop Project.xojo_binary_project” trick to override this thankfully. If you need help achieving this, feel free to start a new thread (you can even ping me) and we won’t derail this one :wink:


You can also easily „convert“ a new API-2- to an API-1-project by searching for „Desktop“ and replacing it with „nothing“ (an empty replace field). Don‘t forget to activate Menu bar visible for MainWindow.