Question about FolderItem LastErrorCode uhm existence as 101

In the link below, I posed the problem of a FolderItem LastErrorCode not being valid because it should have been 0. I was mistaken since I didn’t go back far enough in time. Before I even started it had both existence and the LastErrorCode was 101. I’m confused, because I’ve never seen anything like that as a problem.
Is there a way of resetting the LastErrorCode ?
How long does is stay at 101?
Any suggestions would be great.


Seems like an oversight (bug) on Xojo’s part. You can reset it, though, by going through GetFolderItem again. Eg.,

DFilListB(i)= GetFolderItem(DFilListB(i).NativePath)

Just for the record, I checked it with a pre API2 version of my app.

So. GetFolderItem resets it. Thanks.