Question about CalendarWindow example

I am trying to understand the CalendarWindow example (/Example Projects/Desktop/CustomControls)

This example has a “CalendcarDateButton Set” and a DayOfWeekLabel Set. Where can I find an explanation of how this was done, how it works, what kind of things I can do with this concept . . .


Open the example - read the code - ask questions
This is why we give these examples away

Those two particular items are “Control Sets”
See page 107 UserGude - UserInterface.pdf

If the three pages of description doesn’t answer your question, feel free to ask follow-on questions.

Norman - Thanks for telling me the name of that item.

However, for the life of me I still cannot figure out how to create one. “Control Sets” are listed on page 103. The user guide just says “To create a new Control Set, choose New Control Set from the popup menu.” What popup menu?

I tried searching for control set in the language reference without a hit.

The popup menu in the “Member Of” field in the Inspector. It’s page 106 of the pdf supplied with 2013r4.1 and there’s a picture of it on that page. What version are you using?

I was using 2013r3.3. I downloaded r4.1.

The way it is written is a bit unclear. I did not understand that I had to first select a normal control and then change the Member of property. I would be easier to follow with something like this:

Control Sets serve two purposes. One is to allow you to have a
collection of controls that share a single set of event handlers.
The other is to create controls dynamically while your application
is running.

In both cases, you create a control set by opening the Inspector of an existing control. Modify the “Member Of” property from “None” to “New Control Set”
< Figure 2.72 screen shot >

This creates a Control Set with the name of the
selected control.