Question about Arrays

How can I create an array that is populated with data from a database table that is visible/accessible from any place in my app?

I know how to create the array and populate it.

Just don’t know how or where to put it/define it in the application so that I can access it’s elements from wherever.

Maybe this isn’t even possible?

Under of Apps/Properties, new property : Name-> ArrName() , Type-> String

Or create a Module, call it something like “Globals”, and add a global property to it. That property can be accessed from anywhere in the project.

Preferred: Do the above but make the property Protected. You can access it from anywhere else in the project as Globals.MyProperty.

thanks guys… I got it figured out.

Kem’s note is very important as you start building a stable of methods. You’d be surprised how many times you choose the same name for properties in different projects and then have them collide when you try to reuse code. Protected is the best way to prevent unexpected collisions.