Query parameters of page

How do i get the url and parameters that called a specific page.
I am using handle url planned to use session variables but session is not available at the app level.
I am calling a page from handle url

var tPath As String =request.Path
if tPath.EndsWith("/") Then tPath=tPath.Left(tPath.Length-1)
PathReceived= new PathReceiver(tPath)
response.Header("location") = "http://" + request.Header("host") + "?shop=" + RequestJSON.Value("shop")

I want to use the query parameters on the page called


given the url: http://host:port/foo1/foo2
the type will be foo1 and the data will be foo2

I hope this will help.

If Request.Path <> “” then
dim type as string = Request.Path.NthField(“/”,1)
dim data as string = Request.Path.NthField(“/”,2)
select case type
case “path1”
//data has the 2nd part of the path
return true
case “path2”
//data has the 2nd part of the path
return true
End select
return false
End If

I have the parameters of the page that calls the handle url, next I want to call the webpage webpapp/setup?shop=shopname

and use something like lblshop.text=shopname

I used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poGUaw_rpn4 as a guide to redirect to specific pages but can’t seem to find url or queryparameters for the called webpage.

Hope this makes sense

ok easy
You will have to use the URL like this to do it this way(no path, just parameter’s):

in session.open event

If Session.URLParameterCount=2 Then //exact number of parameter’s expected
//code to check the parameter’s and send them where you want
//send to default page
End If

This code only checks there are 2 parameter’s, and if there is it will open webpage2 otherwise open webpage1

you can use these to access the parameter’s
session.URLParameterCount as integer
session.URLParameterExists(string) as boolean
session.URLParameterName(0 based integer) as string
session.URLParameter(string) as string