Quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 out now!

All of the miniature PCs tend to overheat. Zotac is notorious for that. Yet, it is an amazing piece of hardware :slight_smile:

Wrong, I have this device and it is running a Ubuntu server for the last two months without any restart.

Well due the fact that I do not have one, I only can cite the articles I’ve read. And they tested it with Windows 7/8 mostly. And with issues I mean not hanging up’s or shutdowns. These devices throtteling down their core speeds to 500 Mhz or even lower to deal with the heat.


The Pi doesn’t have any problems like that :slight_smile:

Haha… u got us all :wink:

My Zotac whole day running at 100% doesn’t even increase the fanspeed. Most of the overheating problem is that notorious lazy users never clean their box from all the dust it’s gathering while running for months. It has nothing to do with insufficient cooling in the Zotac boxes.

My Pi doesn’t even have a fan to speed up :slight_smile:

I am referring to the innumerable posts about the Zotac Nano. You have the larger size, right ? It may not be as susceptible to heat.

Any computer tends to go warm anyway, the faster the hoter. It is even valid for smart phone.

Now a good example is the iMac, which is silent but gets hot. I even have a white powerbook that is hardly a laptop : it gets too hot to hold on the lap :wink:

Rumors, urban legends… Not a first hand information ?

My MacBook Pro 13" (mid-2014) does not get hot at all, even watching HD TV on an external monitor (nor in the build-in monitor).

This is first hand experience.

I guess you mean a pie? Bon apetit!

Indeed i own not the smaller nano, but nevertheless most heat problems are caused by forgetting to clean the pc’s from dust in the cooling system.

Did you try to get even some speed from the processor? :wink:

Your Pi doesn’t even have a case, let alone a fan! :slight_smile:

I think you should rest your case :wink:

How do you do that if you don’t have a case? :wink:

If only OS X could run on the Intel Compute Stick - then I could run my business from it.
Alternatively - I would have to resort to Windows.

Oh. please NO MORE Apple vendor lock in!

[quote=164337:@Richard Summers]If only OS X could run on the Intel Compute Stick - then I could run my business from it.
Alternatively - I would have to resort to Windows.[/quote]

You know, Windows is not what it is construed to be by some :wink:

My new Raspberry Pi 2 arrived at home this morning and I’m stuck in a hotel hundreds of miles away :’(

@Michel Bujardet,
I have absolutely nothing against other OS’s - the only problem is that all my software is for OS X :slight_smile:

@Gavin Smith,
What are you going to use your Raspberry pud for?