QTCF.dll missing error

At startup of Xojo I get two error messages saying it can’t find QTCF.dll. Why? Quicktime and iTunes are installed. It’s a Windows machine.

Do you have any 3rd party plugins in the Plugins folder?

No, only the database .rbx files from the install are there.

Well, it sounds like the quicktime corefoundation dll is missing. So is the file there?
Or maybe you mixed installation of QT 6 and 7?

Uninstalled whatever Quicktime I had with Revo uninstaller to be sure nothing was left behind and installed QT7. There is a QTCF.dll in the c:\Program Files(X86)\Quick Time\QTSystem directory. But am still getting the two errors at XoJo start. Xojo continues to load after clearing the message boxes and I can use it. But they still shouldn’t be there.

Hi,I face the same problem with a Fresh install of XOJO 2013 Ralease 2.

Running W8, 64bits.
Installed Qtime V. 7.7.1 (1860.42) …updated.

The message appears Twice : […] QTCF.dll is missing from your computer…
Then an empty windows is opened ahead of Xojo starting window.

  • Closing this one I can start working with Xojo Studio,

So is this something to do with a startingScreen, not working ?
Please let mr know how to get rid of these warning messages.


Please reinstall QuickTime 7 is my tip.

copy QTCF.dll from QuickTime folder to Windows/System or Windows/System32.
I do not remember exactly which is the right folder…