QT fun

Catalina is so such a joy to use. At beta 7 (too lazy to update to beta 8) I can:

  • make Finder crash by selecting a file
  • when unzipping a number of zip files the Archiver app tells me it can’t update the Finder and I should contact the vendor.
  • the laptop still gets awfully hot after an update
  • the installer app still wants needs my extra approval even after entering a password

And today I had even more fun. I finally wanted to ditch an app that had moved to a subscription. Unfortunately, the app I wanted to use now looks like this on Catalina:

Turns out this is a bug in the QT framework. And here I thought us Xojo-ers had too much trouble with $%&/ Catalina. And we now at beta 8!

Love the UI of that program, very intuitive :stuck_out_tongue:

@Beatrix Willius — Well, remember that, for Apple, every year “it is a Revolution!” :slight_smile:

About the QT framework, are you talking about QTKit (which was deprecated years ago) or Qt?

@brian franco
I agree! It is so minimalistic and elegant! No user action can change the presentation which becomes a forever pathway to Eternity!

Probably QT the UI framework

You think with Pricing at $5500/yr that the tool would have some UI elements included :stuck_out_tongue: