Putting a Picture string in an ImageWell while the program is running.

I am trying to dynamically load a .bmp picture into an “imagewell” . the problem is that the picture I want to use is in a string.
FOR EXAMPLE: "strAbsoluteAddressing = “C;/BiblePictures/CrossInTheWilderness.bmp”

How do I Load this picture into my ImageWell_01 on a form which is open.

I hope you can understand what I’m saying.

Note The string can change while the program is running. and I will have a button to load the new image into the Imagewell. If the Imagewell won’t work is there another way to do it??

Thanks for any help you can give me. as I’m stock. BTW I’m using 2012r2

PS: I’ve tried me.image=me.Image.Open(SpecialFolder.Desktop.child(“test.bmp”)) and
'me.image=Picture.Open(SpecialFolder.Desktop.child(“test.bmp”)) (I couldn’t make them work.
Note: I found these in another post on the forum.

You want to use Picture.Open to get the picture you will then affect to the ImageWell property.

See http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Picture.Open

To get the folderitem necessary from the path, use GetFolderItem.

Thank You Michel

You have made my day. I can’t believe it was that simple but then I always seem to have trouble with the simple things.

Just like it took me way to long to figure out that I needed to use GetFolderItem and NOT GetOpenFolderItem.

It’s taken me all day to get this working. But with your help it was worth it.

In fact I can say “Happy Days are here again”

Thanks again. You’ll never know how much you’ve help me.

God bless you.

You’re welcome Dave. Glad to help.