Put the cursor at the end of an iOSTextArea

I swear this iOS product is the worst case of unfinished product. What a shame.

WHY is there no selstart/selLength in that pesky iOSTextArea when indeed the property exists in the native control ?

Tired to cope with a toy.

Is there any declare to place the cursor at the end of an iOSTextArea ?

And what kind of sloppy programmer can expose the SelChange event, without providing any way to get the selected text ? What a mess…

I did not expose the properties to AppleTextField or the iOSTextFieldExtension yet, but in AppleLib/iOSLib the iOSLibTextField inherits from AppleTextinputControl, and that gives you access to the SelectedTextRange.
There is no simple declare, because SelectedTextRange expects a UITextRange object. But all the declares are in there.

Thank you Ulrich.

I still think Xojo did a terrible job at implementing iOS, and is utterly ridiculous not being able after two years to present a more finished product.

They are quite complacent in counting on generous people like you and Jason King to benevolently create what should have been there in the first place. This is borderline insulting to users.

It should be possible to scroll iOSTextArea in code.

I am extremely close to have had it. Let me see if grass is greener elsewhere. Maybe they have more regard for users.

… and I am afraid iOSLib won’t help you completely, because I did not create a UITextView yet, only the TextField. I really wish I had more time, but like so often I am completely bound by other things. Let me know if you need hep in translating the declares to a TextView.

Well, what do you know ? I just checked, and a popular Basic iOS product on PC that came to be about the same time as Xojo iOS has UITextView with all the trimmings. Including of course a ScrollTo(). I don’t dare posting a link to their Doc, there are oversensitive people behind the toy.

Seems my choice for the next program is extremely clear. Just as well as which Xojo license I may get next year : Desktop, that’s it.

FWIW I just added ScrollToEnd for TextArea in XojoiOSWrapper. So the next poor soul who wants to do the same thing as me will be able to. Xojo should be ashamed to force people to do declares for the simplest things. I might as well use XCode.

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