Pushbutton action

Hi All

Im new to RB / XOJO and I want a pushbutton to act like a Latching momentary switch i.e when I have
the left mouse button down It constantly sends my serial data until realise … is it possibe ?



Use System.MouseDown (returns a boolean value) to check :

while System.MouseDown
  // do something fancy

Hi Sebastian

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I want the same pushbutton to respond to click (this is ok) and also mouse downand and remand sending serial
data until release. I have tried put code into the mousedown event of the puchbutton but it doesnt seem to
repsond as I thought, I just put a exit in mouse up ?



You might be better off using a bevel button which can be set to toggle.

Also remember that MOUSEUP does not fire UNLESS MouseDown returned TRUE

Thanks Guys working as expected now