Pushbutton Action not firing on Touchscreen in 2017 r2

Anybody else have pushbuttons not firing the action event when using a Touchscreen in 2017 r2 Raspian Jessie?

If I use a mouse it fires. But not if I push the button on my touchscreen.

Test program compiled in 2017 r1.1 the pushbutton action event fires when pushed on my touchscreen but does not when compiled with r2.

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I do. I have a single pushbutton that graphically depresses when touched but does not fire. But I have bevel buttons in the same project that do fire with touchscreen presses. I havent had the time to troubleshoot it. I have a touchscreen-capable Windows machine that the same project works fine in.

Yes the project I found this in I also have BevelButtons that work just fine.

What I haven’t had time to do is see if it’s just the “Action” event not firing but the mouse down and mouse up events are. Not sure if that was the case but it may be a disconnect on Xojo side. Also haven’t checked which version of GTK+3 is running on Pi.

I’ve seen a similar problem on a touch device of a customer of us but the app was built with Xojo 2017r1.1 and I don’t know if it is a problem of Xojo or simply a “setting issue” of the touch device (unfortunately I’m currently not able to investigate it further more).
It wasn’t a push button but all the menus and contextual menus did not work.
For the main menu you have to press the left mouse button hold it and then release it on the menu point you want to select.
For contextual menus you have to do the same with the right mouse button.

Maybe anyone with a touch device can check this?

Yes. I am having the same button issue - buttons on my apps won’t fire under r2 yet work fine on 1.1. Since all my apps are built for the Pi and 7" touchscreen, I have already gone back to 2017r1.1.

Xojo has verified the issue in feedback.