Push notifications request in a web application

i am developing a web application that it is kind of an agenda, i will like to set push notifications at their browser… how can i do that in xojo?

Check out WebPushr. The service is interoperable with any programming language via REST and other APIs. They also provide example code for each method/property available, so using CURL or modified URLConnection requests, the process should be straight forward. The base Free service offers 10,000 notifications each month or 10,000 subscribers - can’t remember which. Paid services offer many other benefits.

Try the free service at least to see if it fits your needs. There are alternative companies offering same/similar services - so do a search. (ie Firebase services → available for use in all languages, and even offers native device push services, cloud databases, and a menagerie of other cloud-based development resources - offered by Google, LLC)

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Just checked…

Their free service offers:

10,000 subscribers with unlimited notifications.


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thanks, i will check

it seems that this is the way
it will be great if this type of calls where in xojo, and not needing to call external resources


If you have a Xojo cloud account, they’re included

maybe its also possible via local notifications.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to try and port over my php web push app to xojo. It does the web push without using an external service provider. I’m not 100% sure if it will work with the Javascript and what not, but I will be attempting it. If I can get it to work, I’ll let you guys know by passing here in the forum.

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