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I have a strange problem. After a problem with my hard disk on my MacBook. I had to reinstall all certificates and all within the keychain. All other files are backuped.

Now, I have the problem that I can’t wrap my application for the store. I use a script where I use “codesign” and “productbuild” to wrap the app. After uploading it with “Application Loader” it appears in “iTunes connect”. After some minutes I get a mail with the info that “App sandbox not enabled” is not enabled. I checked this in the terminal and there is the switch on.

For testing I did the same job with my MacMini. Here everything works fine. The script is the same, because I copied it from the MacMini.

I also tried AppWrapper. But there I got the same mail.

Now I tried a mixture between both Macs. It seems that the codesigning of the MacBook is the reason. I thought that the certificate is the problem. So I revoked the certificates for “3rd Party…” (Application and Installer) for the MacBook and recreated it. But this didn’t solved the problem.

Now, I have no more ideas. If someone has an idea, please tel it me.

If you try wrapping again with App Wrapper, then use the e-mail support function it will auto include the wrapping report in the e-mail to me and ,maybe there’ll be a clue in the report.

Did you try to reboot your MacBook?
I had the same problem after reinstalling the certificates and a reboot solved the issue.

Thank you for the answers. Today I tried several things. The first was the rooting of my MacBook. And also the AppWrapper. but nothing helped.

After that I compared the signed App of both Mac with

codesign --display --verbose=4 ./

On the Mac, the upload works, the value for “TeamIdentifier” is set, On the other Mac (MacBook) the value is not set. I think this is the problem. But I dont know to set this value till now.


today I solved the problem. with the first tries I set the certificates to “always trust”. Some were not right, because I copied them from the Mini. But I’m not sure what exactly I done during the last day ;-( Now I set them again to the system standard. and afterwards the upload worked.

Thanks for all who gave me a hint.