Public var

When I open a new session the public var have the same value
This is correct

Where is the public var declared?

In the module

This would effectively be a single shared value across all sessions
If you want them to be unique to each session they should be properties on the session class itself

Ok thanks
Then i have to fix the code

hi Norman the Module it the same i have to move all to session

You at least now have one copy of those variable PER SESSION
Before you had ONE copy

But, its possible that you are still sharing one copy across all sessions
Did you make them properties or SHARED properties ?


The will be initialized when the session is created to whatever the default values you set are or whatever the default values fort the type are.
Why would you expect them to have different values ?

i no what to the value jump from one session to others


I’m not sure what you mean ?
WIthout seeing your code it’s hard to know what you’re expecting BUT if you only refer to the instances on the specific session, while they might have the same VALUE they are different instances.
This is analogous to having several variables that are all integers
Initially they might all start as 0 - but setting one to 3 has no impact on the others
This would be true for the properties on each session
They might all start out “the same” as there’s no reason for them not to
But changing one has no impact on the others unless your code has something else going on
But I can’t tell that from here :slight_smile: