Provisioning Profiles

I am apparently unable to install an profile into Xcode. I don’t believe this is a Xojo problem as I found many Xcode users complaining about this. The problem appears to have arisen in the latest version of Xcode. I am bringing this up here because this is such a knowledgeable group.

Does anyone have a solution and/or a hint?


For some reason my ProvProfile “expired” 4 days ago (my Dev Account doesn’t expire until Apr 2017)… but I had to go into Xcode and go thru the whole process of creating a brand new one (which now says it expires with my Dev Acct does)

Disclaimer : I dont do Xojo for iOS, but I’d expect the process to be the same

I’ve always logged into iTunes Connect to create the profiles. I download a copy for safekeeping. The way I install it into Xcode is by going into the Xcode preferences user account where it shows up and I click the Download button. Works for me.


What version of Xcode are you using? That may make a difference from what I have found.