Provisioning profiles again. Help needed.

I managed (once) to get an app into the app store.
I revised it to work on iPhone, built, and uploaded.
The reviewer rejected the update to complain about the icons (unchanged since release).

Now, when I open and try to build, I’m back to huge error messages saying that Xcode cannot codesign etc because of missing profiles.
I hadn’t changed anything that I can think of.
Last time this happened I revoked all my certs and profiles, and started again.
Done that several times this week and it still doesn’t work.

Is there anyone out there confident enough with Xcode and iOS development on Xojo to work with me to get this working for a fee?
Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to Sigh that we can employ for Xojo?

Hi Jeff,

Are you at MBS conference in Munich ? If you are, come over to see me for live help.

If not, open Xcode, menu > Settings > Profiles > Download manual profiles

Sadly, nein. :slight_smile:

Did that.
Afterwards I get ‘a distribution profile is required…’
In the certificates section I see one iOS Distribution cert, active from yesterday, and another greyed out ‘not in keychain’
(Cant see a way to remove it)
If I try to add one using [+ v] I get a message to say I already have a current one.

Went to developer site.
revoked 2 distribution certs.
Went to Xcode, requested a new distribution profile. - OK
Manually download -OK

Currently showing 2 for some reason, but I still get the same message in Xojo

Goto Developer page.

  1. Select “Provisioning Profiles”, “Development”
  2. Click on + to add a new profile
  3. Enter a name for this profile
  4. Select your app id
  5. Select “All” on certificates
  6. Select “All” on devices
  7. Click on “Generate”
  8. Download your profile
  9. Double click to import into Xcode
  10. Select “Provisioning Profiles”, “Distribution”
  11. Click on + to add a new profile
  12. Enter a name for this profile
  13. Select your app id
  14. Select your developer id on certificates
  15. Click on “Generate”
  16. Download your profile
  17. Double click to import into Xcode
  18. Open Xcode, choose “Window => Devices and Simulators”
  19. Select your device from the list
  20. Right click on your device and choose “Show provisioning profiles”
  21. Click on + and select your downloaded distribution profile

Now you can run your app in simulator or build your app for AppStore.

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Thanks Horst and Jeremie for your pointers and help.

It has taken me 6 hours of revoking and recreating profiles and certificate to get to a point where it builds for App store again.
I wish I knew which of the stages reliably actually achieved this!

One year later you must renew your profiles, because they are only valid for one year (see screenshot: Expires Sep. 4, 2019).

At this rate, that wont be a problem. I have renewed them more than 20 times in the last month! :slight_smile: