proposal for xojo (Geoff Perlman)

Hi @Geoff Perlman Could the community buy a new feature by contributing funds to a financing campaign created by xojo? xojo can create a list with the top cases and let the community decide. sites like or another similar page can be used. for sure you agree with me that the community need some features faster than xojo can deliver, so maybe this could help to accelerate some important features…

Example (imaginary and invented prices):

Add ability to Export PDFs–> 10.000 USD
Add x and y control to the ios–>5.000 USD
Add new Desktop Date control–>1.500 USD
Add WebListbox abbility to sort by column–> 2.700 USD
Add x feature to the Report Designer–> 8.800 USD

You can let the community decide by making a poll

Do you know the Xojo feedback software? You should. They know hundreds of bugs and desires there.

There’s even a poll section.

We already pay for a license. Paying again for getting a feature at the top list would be an awful idea imo.

Well, there are customers of Xojo which buy several Enterprise and/or Pro licenses and if those out there points in feedback or let Xojo Inc know their priority problems, I bet Xojo pays attention…

Unofficial response: it’s possible as long as the proposal fits within the company’s vision for the product and the engineers deem it reasonable. I’ve done it before.

There is a forum post where I gave a full method to do this for free, and it works for desktop and web apps.

All the rest in the list are available via external paid developers. If someone is too cheap to support their collegial developers to the tune of a few tens of dollars, then I doubt they will pony up thousands for Xojo to do it.

What is the incentive for Xojo to create code to build/support when perfectly good code already exists. In some cases there are more than one external developer solutions for your needs. This may kill off our excellent developer community.

The suggestion sounds like you want someone else to pay for a feature so you don’t have to. If you waved $US10K of your own cash in front of Xojo I am sure they would consider adding your features, but then why not just pay an existing Xojo developer to build it for you — then you can provide that feature to the rest of us for free.

Or use a concurent product who have that feature built-in ?

I can understand the desire to have more functionality built into Xojo. Some larger enterprises and government agencies it is very difficult to get purchase orders submitted and approved. Having to buy components from a bunch of small third party vendors would be challenging and/or impossible.

Plus never mind the fact that Xojo sells itself as a rapid application development tool. They have achieved a lot of late but more focus needs to be put on the “rapid” part. Simple date controls and PDF functionality are necessary to live up to that promise. I understand the OP’s desire to find ways to solve the problem versus just complaining.

@David Cox I actually suggested your solution to him in another thread. We implemented it and works great for us.

Excellent! Sometimes I think I would like to publish all my libraries of methods (as others do), then I thought it is best to do this piecemeal in response to needs, and let others improve them further. This is how I have benefitted from others’ code.

i for one would love to learn from your code

(>]Forum Feature RequestI have added a

link does not work


For what it’s worth, all you have to do is click the Gear at the bottom of, select Copy Sharing Link and paste it in the forum: <>

The forum will automatically turn it into a clicky-link that opens Feedback :slight_smile:

Now if only they’d do a web interface for

Sometimes I only copy the ID # (52330 for this example) and paste it in Feedback (once I fired it)…

With Alfred, I just press command-space and type feedback 51330 and get right to it.

I would like this idea, IF Xojo would be totally free.