Property's value in an SQLSelect statement?

Can a property’s value be used in an SQLSelect statement?

I have a property called LangSel (String)
I am using the code below to try and display all rows where the column called myColumn has the value of LangSel.
But when the app is run - I get the following error message: ERROR1: No such Column:LangSel

rs=db.SQLSELECT("SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myColumn = LangSel")

Am I correct in believing then, that I need to use a prepared statement in order to achieve this?

rs=db.SQLSELECT("SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myColumn = '" + LangSel + "'")

That should do it.

If you don’t control the content of LangSel it’s better to use a prepared statement.

Albin - I already tried that, but if my LangSel contains for example the word English - I then get an error saying: ERROR 1: No such Column: English

Even though there is definitely a column called myColumn, and at least 30 rows have English in that column.
That’s why I am so confused??

It seems to keep looking for a column called LangSel?

Did you use the quotes in my example above?
(Before and after LangSel)

What db is it?

Here is my full code:

[code] // RUN THE QUERY
rs=db.SQLSELECT(“SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myColumn = '” + LangSel + “’”)

If db.Error Then

MsgBox("Error: " + Str(db.ErrorCode) + " - " + db.ErrorMessage)


while not rs.eof
Listbox1.addRow rs.Field(“Title”).StringValue

end if[/code]

Now I get no error MsgBox, but the listbox which should display all the results, stays blank, but has a scrollbar?

Does my select statement only return the myColumn column?
I was under the impression that it would return all rows where the myColumn matched LangSel - but when I try to display the title column in the listbox - all the rows are blank?

Is myColumn really called myColumn in the database table?

At the moment - yes - until I get things finalised.
I am simply trying to get this to work first, before I rename it appropriately.

Ahhh - think I know where the problem is:

I need to modify the last code segment so that the Title field will appear in column 1 of my listbox (as opposed to column 0) !

Solved it!

// POPULATE THE LISTBOX while not rs.eof Listbox1.addRow Listbox1.Cell(Listbox1.LastIndex, 1) = rs.Field("Title").StringValue rs.moveNext wend

Thanks Albin for the help :slight_smile:

Awesomenesses! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm…not quite.
More like Stupidityyyyyyy :frowning:

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