Property in Module isn't seen on other windows

I have a string property in a Module which value has to set the .text value for a label on all the other windows. However the label on the other windows stays empty.

The property gets its value from a selected row in a Listbox/name column and it remembers it correctly as long as it stays on the Window where the value is set, but not on all the other windows, even though the property is part of a Module. Shouldn’t it be remembered throughout the full app?

Ensure that the scope of the property is Global.

Yes it’s set to Global.

It is possible to have a property in a window with a name like MyProperty. And also have a property in a module with the same name. If the window sets the property, it’s setting the one in the window, not the one in the module, due to the scope of the properties.

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So the property should ONLY be declared in the Module to be available though the app you mean? This is what I have.

Good. Now you need to consider the sequence of events that determine when the label text values are set and make sure they happen after the first window sets the property. In particular, in which event do you set the label text value in the second window?

It would be a good idea to set a break point in the event where you set the label text value in the second window and examine the module’s property value.

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If ‘the other windows’ are created once (implicit instantiation)
then the open event only happens once
So if you set the label in the open event, any changes wont be seen.
Set the label text in the activate event if it is not already there.

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In the Opening Event and now… it works because this line was Commented out :frowning:

But I didn’t know that I should only have the property declared once in the Module AND I found it being declared again As String on another spot, so maybe it was set to empty again there as well. Thanks for your help, Tim!

So the problem was scope. The closer scope is the one that is used.

A variable in a method is only available in the method.
A property of a window is only available in that window. (Unless you prefix it with the window reference.)
A property of a module can be available everywhere.

The precedence is

The compiler allows same named variables/properties, but sets the one that is closest in scope. The rest remain unchanged.


I was able to solve the label problem, but now I have a similar problem when trying to read the Database Columns into Textfields which are placed inside a Container which is placed on a Second window. I am trying to solve this since 3 days and with all kind of possible paths, but I keep on getting a NilObjectException, so it’s looking for something that doesn’t exist. I am using the same path as when Updating info from the textfield to the DB which works great. However I am not able to get that db Data being SELECTED back into the Textfields.

The code for the UpdateSQL for this text field for example is:
var antagonistIsSmart as string = ActionAntagonistQuestions.CCAntagonistQuestionList3Applied.Text_AntagonistIsSmart.text //Here I created a variable to make the long path shorter.
app.db.ExecuteSQL("UPDATE Characters SET Text_AntagonistIsSmart = ? WHERE ID = ?", antagonistIsSmart, CharacterID_Selected)

The code to read that same data from the DB column back into the Textfields should from what I expect to be:
ActionAntagonistQuestions.CCAntagonistQuestionList3Applied.Text_AntagonistIsSmart.text = rs.Column("Text_AntagonistIsSmart").StringValue //Text field

However it gives me a NilObjectException on the whole line.

ActionAntagonistQuestions is a Global property which is placed in a Module.

I don’t see:

     rs = app.db.SelectSQL ("select ....")

anywhere, so I imagine rs is Nil. Have you checked that in the debugger?

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Sorry, that was above the code, this is the complete script:

//To populate popupmenu and all the other fields:
if ListBoxCharacters.SelectedRowIndex >= 0 then
  Var rs As RowSet
    rs = app.DB.SelectSQL("SELECT * FROM characters WHERE ID = ?", ListBoxCharacters.RowTagAt(ListBoxCharacters.SelectedRowIndex).StringValue)
  Catch e As DatabaseException
    MessageBox("Error loading data: " + e.Message)
  End Try
  If rs <> Nil Then
    txtCharacterInfo.Text = rs.Column("Character_Information").StringValue //Text field
    popArch.SelectRowWithValue(rs.Column("Character_Type").StringValue) //Popup menu
    PopupMenuGender.SelectRowWithValue(rs.Column("Character_Gender").StringValue) //Popup menu
    txtCharacter_Age.Text = rs.Column("Character_Age").StringValue //Text field
    DateofBirth.SelectedDate = rs.Column("Character_Date").DateTimeValue //Calendar birthdate
    //Send db columns data to Question Fields on seperate Windows
    //Window.Container.TextField = DB Column
    ActionAntagonistQuestions.CCAntagonistQuestionList3Applied.Text_AntagonistIsSmart.text = rs.Column("Text_AntagonistIsSmart").StringValue //Text field
    btnUpdateCharInfo.Enabled = false
  End If
  // close RowSet
end if

It’s only this line that gives the error: NilObjectException

ActionAntagonistQuestions.CCAntagonistQuestionList3Applied.Text_AntagonistIsSmart.text = rs.Column("Text_AntagonistIsSmart").StringValue //Text field

Then you need to check each thing that could be Nil to see which it is. You have an exception so you drop into the debugger. So check each of these:


to see which it is.

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Thanks. It is the Window, ActionAntagonistQuestions (which is in the Module as a Global property), that cannot be reached and is Nil. How do I solve this kind of nil problem? Shouldn’t it be seeing throughout the app because it’s in a Module? I checked if this property maybe was changed somewhere else, but it isn’t.

Perhaps you’re not setting it even though you might think you are. The program compiles, so evidently it looks like the compiler sees it OK. You’re not re-using that name are you?

No, I checked all over with the search field in the debugger. Unless this is seen as a replacement?

ActionAntagonistQuestions.CCAntagonistQuestionList3Applied.Text_AntagonistUnusualMannerisms.text = rs.Column("Text_AntagonistUnusualMannerisms").StringValue//Text field

I added a message box check:

if ActionAntagonistQuestions = nil then
  MessageBox("ActionAntagonistQuestions object is Nil")
end if

which gives me this:
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 12.01.07

Do you have code that assigns the Window to ActionAntagonistQuestions?
Where did you put the code?
The code includes Var ActionAntagonistQuestions ... ?

Yes, the window itself is named WinAntagonistActionAntagonistQuestions

In the Module there is a Global property named ActionAntagonistQuestions As WinAntagonistActionAntagonistQuestions

In the Opening event of the WinAntagonistActionAntagonistQuestions Window there is this code: ActionAntagonistQuestions = self

Is that window your main window?
Are you sure that window opening event fired before you try to use ActionAntagonistQuestions?

Usually, I see the code in App Opening event and then that Global property is used instead of the window itself. This is the first time I see the code in the Opening event of the window.