Properties on WebPage1: not shared amongst visitors, right?

I am not clear when I will add properties to Session and when to WebPage1.

According to my tests, I can add a property to WebPage1 which can be changed by a visitor.

When I called the same page again from another PC then changing of the value over-there did not interfere with the same property on the first PC.

So I would use Session for properties to be shared amongst several WebPages of the same user session, and properties on WebPage1 when sharing a value amongst ContainerControls (for instance) on the same WebPage of a User Session?

Other users who call the URL will have their own values and have no access to a WebPage1 property of another user’s session?


Sorry, this was supposed to go to the Web channel.


Yes[quote=212220:@Oliver Osswald]Right?[/quote]
Your understanding is accurate. Happy coding! :slight_smile: