Properties on web page vs. in Session

Just a general question regarding properties. I posted a bit ago about getting started on web, and there was a comment about using session-specific properties in the Session, such as the user’s name. Ok I get that. But when is it appropriate to use properties on a web page? For example, in my desktop app which I am working to convert to web, I have a matching game. One of the properties I use on the desktop window is Strikes, which keeps track of the number of guesses answered wrong. Is it ok to have a property like this on the web page? Does this affect negatively when there are two or more students using the same matching game at the same time, but they’d be in separate sessions? Like if one student has 4 strikes and another has one. Does the property take on the value of the last entry?

I have a ton more page-specific properties. Just using this one as an example and trying to wrap my head around this concept


Each WebPage instance is unique to a Session. One user’s Strikes won’t interfere with another user’s if you store Strikes as a property of the WebPage.

That’s what I was hoping. Thanks for clarifying