Projects in Xojo 2019R3.1 only create one app file

Previous projects, which I started in earlier versions of Xojo, generated not just an App, but also a .ipa version and several .plist and other files.
(these projects I can open in Xojo2019R3.1 and compile and deploy fine)

A new project I made in Xojo 2019R3.1 only creates a single app file, which I cannot deploy to devices or Appstore.

What am I not doing to only get a single .app file?

Did you turn on the ‘Build for AppStore’ switch in iOS Build Settings, and is there a Team specified ?

@Olivier Colard : Yes, the same Team that works fine on older apps compiled in Xojo2019R3.1.
With or without “Build for Appstore” on I get only the App in the build

Could it be that something broke in 3.1 in combination with Xcode 11.5?

The solution was to copy all elements from the non-deployable app to a new project, which then does compile into the App AND the .dSYM file. So this had nothing to do with the ID, but some other weird issue.