Project Template questions

I’m not finding much documentation on Project Templates. If it’s there and I just haven’t seen it, please just point me to it. But here are a few questions:

  • Is there a “blessed” way of making a project a template other than just copying a project file into the Project Templates folder?

  • Is there somewhere else to put project templates instead? If they are in the application folder, then that means needing to manually migrate templates every upgrade, which feels a little untenable.

  • I have a project I’d like to turn into a template, but it has multiple files associated with it (images and such). How can I do this and keep them together?

  • It is possible to parameterize a project template in the same way - when making a new Desktop Application - I can fill in things like “Application Name”?

  • Probably a feature request: it would be supremely awesome if it was possible to instantiate a new project from a template in GitHub!

I’m not a template user but did find this that should help some…

I don’t think all your questions will be answered here, but your third bullet is solved by the templates being binary project files (e.g. everything is therefore embedded in a single file).

Thanks Patrick. That’s about the most of what I found as well.

I don’t know that the binary project file will work for my needs. Maybe, though. In my case I also have dynamic libraries and custom build steps (copying those libraries) and whenever I’ve tried adding images to the project, they are always just references to the files on disk and not copies embedded in the project.

Maybe that’s still possible, though, and I just haven’t learned how yet.

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Images are not added to the binary project

Have you tried ‘Collect Project Items…’?

Just be careful with that. I haven’t used it much since the basic behavior changed a couple of years ago.
Currently it does this:

and is too different of how it worked few years back.

Depending on your system, maybe you can create an alias for the folder so you just need to point the new installation folder to one you have your projects?

I haven’t done this. I think you want much more than what templates offer.

Edit: this is what ‘Collect Project Items’ did before

You’re right and bummer for Jeffrey’s use case.