Project tab caption versus Editor Tab captions

I would like to try and add a bit of push to this feature request: <>

Because the project tab changes its caption to whatever object you have selected in the project hierarchy list, it is confusing as to which tab you should be looking at. This feature requests asks that the project tab caption remain “Project” instead of changing with the selected item.

I’d like to see it change as well, but mine is locked on “Filetypes” and never changes. Also, it, stays to the left, so I’m never confused about where the project tab is. But I agree would be nice if it said “Project”.

That’s because you must never select anything in the list other than Filetypes :). Try single clicking on any other item in the list.

I am, and it says as “Filetypes” at the top, and the item I clicked on opens in a new tab off to the right. It really doesn’t bother me, my project tab is on the left that I use for navigation and what I want to work on opens on the right. Again, I agree “Project” would be better, but I am not finding this confusing at all.

There’s definitely something odd with your Xojo install then. That caption is supposed to change to what ever list entry you have selected:

I think it stuck after moving Filetypes to the top (above App). Try that, always stays up there for me and never changes. I think I recall this when I was trying to get it to stay on one item. Also, I am on Windows, let me check it on the Mac…

@Norman Palardy - Have you seen this?

I can’t get it to not do this in my main project. Also, behaves the same on the Mac. Let me experiment with this a little…

I just opened another project and I see the behavior you are talking about. I agree, that would be incredibly annoying. I’ll have to play with this some to see what I did, but in my main project, in the tab on the left (which is locked) the top Entry is “FilesType”. And no matter what element below I click on, the Left Tab caption never changes but always opens a new tab on the Right with the selected item in it. And it is a single-click, not a double-click, as mentioned in the Xojo preferences. Same behavior on Windows and Mac.

I suspect that this is your magic bullet :).

Is your Left tab not locked? I had TONs of trouble getting used to Xojo until I got that left tab locked and static, where I could pull up what I wanted when I wanted. The tabs were really badly designed in my opinion until I got the left one to stay put and work out of it like the Project tab in RB. But for some reason, I think I recall I couldn’t get it work like I wanted until I moved FileTypes to the top. I could be wrong, but some reason that sticks in the back of my mind.

Yes - on all three platforms. Selecting an item, locking the tab, and then using the back arrow to go back to the project list leaves the tab caption set to the name of whatever item was selected when you locked the tab.

I guess that a sort-of bug exists here in that you have locked the tab, but are able to change it’s contents and it’s not an editor tab.

It works fine for me. I was one of the legions on the boards complaining about the loss of the Project Tab from the RB days. But once I got it working like this, works well enough for me. I don’t really need to see the caption change – I know the left tab is static and acts as my project tab that I work out of.

Project Tab ?
There’s no tab specifically dedicated to & locked to JUST the project like in the old UI

It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck…

That first tab may not have been defined to act as the old Project tab, but it certainly looks and acts like it for the vast majority of users. Maybe it should be the Project tab?

I must admit that’s what I use my first tab for. And because I don’t want it to change captions I tend to right click and Open in New Tab.