Project start help needed

[quote=55400:@Karsten Deppermann]Hello Derk,
I investigated your hint. That is not the problem. I think my knowledge of programming ist the impediment. I don’t understand how to obtain access to the methods of a subclass. Has introspectiton something to do with this theme? Maybe you are more involved in serious app design.[/quote]

If you have a subclass, then you want to have a property to an object that stays alive as long as you need the property (subclass).
For example create a window, add a property and Call it “mySubclass” As “Subclass”. When you need your subclass you do something like this (let’s say in Window.Open):

mySubclass = New Subclass

Now your subclass is in memory and will stay there as long as your “app” is running.

Please explain what you have, and how you want it. There are many people here to help you if they have a clue to what your requirements are.

[quote=55361:@Karsten Deppermann]Hello again,
as promised I asked for help. My project is under work and the first steps are successfully done.
I have a subclasses Canvas called Gridlock. Running the project will generate a grid with rows and columns for each court an first column is my timescedule. Booked Date comes from a database. That works great.
If I choose a new date at my calendar control the new date ist selected and is shown correctly in a Date Display field.
Now the sticking point: When then value of the DisplayDate Field changes I want the subclassed canvas to be deleted and new drawn with the bookings of that date. Any idea for realisation or am I off the track?

If i got it right you have a canvas named “Gridlock”. where you have a property named mGridImage wich is a Picture object.
You give this mGridImage a picture or something it needs to draw (using the graphics property of mGridImage).

Thank you all for your help. I try to go on in due consideration of all your advices.
I will be back in 2014.

Hello again
I made big steps regarding my project and there are a only few issues unsolveld.
One is the following.
This does not work.


How can I call the “\ftpTransfer.cmd” command by button action?