Project Navigation & Productivity

at #23 right now… should be #1 by this time tommorrow :slight_smile:

Added it to My Top Cases.

Your Feedback Case #28400 made it Bob!
At #16 now. :wink:

Added it to my #1 slot. Now at #14

Now at #10. I think it safe to say that people are dissatisfied with the Navigator.

I just added my #1 slot also - now at #7.

I am worried with what they can come up as a solution. That’s why I tried to discuss the subject a bit more. I don’t want they present their Navigator-2 “tomorrow” and people say “Ugh! that’s not I was expecting, it’s almost as bad as the Nav-1 but in a different way.”

Another thing I wish is a kind of having a way to detach the “Build Settings” and “RUN” parts to external floating windows letting the navigator have CONTENTS only (I have 2 monitors). For the “laptop integrated version (1366x768 minimum)” maybe a segmented Navigator with CONTENTS/SETTINGS/RUN sections would be ok isolating those parts in different pages.

I need a reliable hook, some kind of anchor, where I quickly can go back to and find those objects that I am working on. Without scrolling.

So I probably would do three things:

  1. Keep the root of a tab locked (I don’t wish to see ‘multiple selection’ any longer)
  2. Add the option to save and load different sets of tabs
  3. Add the option to save and load various navigator views where the root of the tree remains locked


If I could drag it into all 5 spots I would. I’ve got enough stress in my life without it.

Well, let’s get the point across that we’re unhappy with the current solution, first. Then, we can talk about the possible changes.

My case points are already there. :wink:

At #5, currently. Hard to beat Export to PDF’s, Android builds, iOS builds, and 64 bit support.

I just put it as my #1, +60 points. But to be honest, if they hadn’t gotten the point a long time ago that the navigator is a mess and needs to be thought out again, then they aren’t ever going to get the message.

I like to only see the stuff I am working on on the screen.
In Xojo, half the screen is taken up by unnecessary stuff - very unproductive.
Navigating is between various parts of your programme is a nightmare.

I like to go back to RB a few releases ago where you could disable the display of controls which do not have any code attached.
In other words things like Labels can be hidden from the list of controls if you choose to do so.

Go back to a clear and simple interface


Wow. #4 on the Feedback list. The only items in front of it are 64 bit support, Android, and iOS.

Would love for Geoff to address the issues we’ve all brought up.

I’m learning programming as a hobby and am having a hard time with the new navigator. For those who do this for a living and are having a difficult time with it, I felt compelled to put this case in the #1 position in my feedback as well. Hoorah for the current #4 position. Hope to see some resolution on this soon.

I hope even more people sign onto this. In my opinion having a usable, productive navigator is far, far more important than 64 bit, iOs or Android.

:frowning: dropped to #5 seems Watchpoints passed it… and while those would be nice… what good are they if it is a hassle to get code to “watch”?

Excellent point Dave. Hopefully people think the same way.

added 28400 to my #1 fav in feedback now. I totally agree. The current state of the navigator is a mess. I tried my best using it, but i am drowning in confusion in my large projects.

So, I use 2012r2.1 for dev now, and I only use xojo for compiling, if i need to do so.