project name extension

i fail to see the reasoning behind using an filename extension “.xojo_binary_project” that is almost always longer that the name of the actual project. what is wrong with “.xbp” this makes readability very bad. if you can explain why this is better fine, but if it’s not then please don’t do it.

We talked about this in the beta period. It’s a decision made by Xojo, and i see what you mean. The readability is not perfect, most of my projects used to have underscores in them but this made it very hard to read …

Because .xbp is already in use. Search for .xbp or XBWML. Most of the TLA (three-letter acronym) type extensions are already taken.
If it really bothers you, change the file associations on your machine. Of course that will cause the associated problems when/if you exchange project files with other users.

it can be 4 or 5 letters, but not 3 words and underscores. how about .xojob, .xojot, .xojox. that’s not great but it is better than a three word sentence with underscores. it’s not readable and is bad design. i shouldn’t have to be changing my file associations to accommodate a bad decision. if is better change it, if doesn’t make a difference are makes it worse don’t change it.

I agree completely with Thomas. I often cannot read my names easily becuase of the length of the extension. There is no reason for this. Please use a 4 or letter extension instead of such a long name that actually interferes with readability.


The TEXT project extension is quite simply “xojo_project” - nice simple & clear and thats the one we promote using if you can.

A simple® solution would be to strip the extensions from Open Recent (menu option) and Recent Projects (Project Chooser). Perhaps have this as a prefs parameter.

In Windows Explorer I don’t see the extension for xojo projects (except xojo_uistate which hasn’t been registered).

xojo_project is still too long and not very readable. why even go down this path? all your examples are binary, when i select “save as” my only choice is binary. i’m sorry but it’s just a bad idea.

I am seeing more and more long file extensions, .applescript (AppleScript Editor - Text), .developerprofile (from apple), .certSigningRequest (from KeyChain), .dynamictext and .commandset (dragon dictate 3), .rubitrack-license (RubiTrack), .fsproject (fantashow), .numbers (Apple Numbers), .keylayout (Keyboard layout XML for Apple), .agilekeychain (1Password), etc…

I’d say the days of 3 letter extensions are over, and I for one am happy. I can’t remember what all the three letter extensions are, but when I see .keylayout, .xojo_project, etc… I don’t have to have an internal map, it just makes sense.

We went over this for quite a while in the beta, I doubt it would change. Xojo made some good points that we hadn’t thought about during the discussion. I think this is how it is going forward, get used to it.

FYI, when you uninstall Xojo in Windows, it doesn’t cleanup the registry completely. After Xojo is uninstalled, when I try to save a new project in Real Studio, the default is filename is:


you can still find several references to Xojo after it is uninstalled. Unfortunately in creeps into the RS world.

i would like to hear what some of those points are? i’m not opposed to more descriptive extensions. the problem is including “_” in them. sorry for splitting hairs, but the readability is not good.

when you first see the name untitled.xojo_binary_project.rbp, what is it your eye catches? I would bet most people would say “xojo_binary_project” not the name of the project. same with untitled.xojo_project. untitled.xojoproject would be much better. what’s wrong with that? i find that much more readable. sorry. end of rant, except i’m worried about what else i’ll have to “get used to”.

btw, it is xojo that doesn’t give me any save option other than binary, not RS.

[quote=14667:@Thomas Polson]
btw, it is xojo that doesn’t give me any save option other than binary, not RS.[/quote]

That should only be the case if you don’t have a current license

Here is the thread, have fun:

thanks. unfoirtunately i click on the link and get “Page Not Found”

Can you see the beta channel?

nope. i’m not a beta tester.

Because 3, 4 and 5 letter extensions are cryptic
xojo_project tells you exactly what it is

xojoPRJ is cryptic? I’d bet just about every user here could tell that was a Xojo Project file. And I’d bet my 401(k) that it wouldn’t collide with another product’s extensions.

But that battle is over, do yourself a favor Thomas and move on, it isn’t changing.