Project Manifest Corrupted

Hi all, my ide crashed and when I tried to reopen the project it said something about manifest unreadable and the project is empty. My directory of classes/code is still there, but if I try to drag them into a new project, then some of the newer code is not there. However, I noticed if I do the same with a slightly older version I have, there is also code present in the project that’s not in the classes when i drag in to a new project. So, do the manifest files hold the changed code too? Is there any way I can recover my project after the ._project and .Project.xojo_uistate files are reset/size is at 1kb?

The manifest holds the file hierarchy for your project and project build settings.

My instinct is that either you hadn’t saved in a while or perhaps your drive is starting to fail.

Thanks Greg, I save habitually and my ssd is pretty new. How about the difference in the contents of the class within a project and dragging that project file from directory into a new project? I have a slightly older version, when I open the project there’s 1 day old work in there, if I drag the files to a new project then I see older code. Likewise, if I drag the code files from my now corrupted project directory, I have the code/classes as they were a few days ago.

Is the project location in a location that gets sync’d with DropBox or other similar service?

To me that means that the files that you are dragging to the new project are not the ones you think they are.