Project locked when saving?


I updated Xojo to 2022 1.1. Creating a new project. Havent used Xojo in a few months. Anyway I save to a network drive. I created the folder thru Xojo (Save As), saved the project. Looks good, its there.

I go to drag an input to the window and it says the project is locked that I need to save as. But when I go to the network share, the project did get saved.

Windows 10 btw. No issues with share. Can read/write to it no problem.

That unfortunately doesn’t mean that Xojo likes network drives (it doesn’t). Try saving somewhere locally to solve your saving problem.

I’m also experiencing this sometimes. Xojo doesn’t keep the project file open and you can actually easily unmount/eject the network or local volume. The, if you attempt to save, you get the message you’re getting.
Sadly, Tim’s answer is the “best” alternative. But saving each project locally to then move them back to your network storage somewhat defeats the purpose of using that network place.

Xojo also fails to sign/notarise Mac apps when they are on a network share (e.g. a NAS). Since there’s no option to turn that off, debugging hangs 5-10 seconds for nothing, before showing an error. And often, Xojo also fails to properly delete a debug app.
Can’t wait for Xojo to fix that, as my experience these last months is poor.

I reported this bug for macOS some weeks ago. It already has been fixed.

nope. not acceptable.

Thanks! I figured it was a bug.

@Tim_Parnell is correct. Do NOT use a network drive to share your project. Use GIT or similar version control system. Whether or not Xojo makes it easier to use a network drive, it is not the right approach.

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I use external (but local, USB) drive(s), and when I move the MacBooK Pro (on the desktop), sometimes the external hard disk is disconnected:

a. if the project is running (application testing), the application quit with an error message

b. at project save time, even if the hard disk is now mounted, you’re in trouble when wanting to save the project: there is no “link“ to the file on disk.

I do not talk about Network disk (nor LOCAL nor Far Far Away).

Why not?

This has been an issue since 5 years before the current IDE was implemented but xojo still went with the “check before” design concept instead of using a “try and check” method when they rewrote the IDE, seemingly forgetting that this would fail in certain circumstances.

I suspect this will be too big of a change to be corrected now.

I didn’t notice this ticket was already in before I made one of my own about it few years ago.

As for using a network drive to centrally store files, this has been a valid approach of computing since the original concept of a multiuser system, its only xojo that stops this from being a valid solution and it was supported until I put my ticket in and the system requirements was amended to exclude this. A network share should be no different than using a usb drive except the files are centrally stored so they are easier to back up, which is what I use it for in countless other apps and scenarios without issue.


Hence I think Xojo has to support this like any other app rather than arbitrary declaring that storing on network is unsupported.

This issue has something weird (like some others have, too):
“Xojo Bot @xojobot closed 14 years ago”
Did Xojo bot really exist 14 years ago?

Not only for backing up, but also for using Xojo on more than a single computer (with the same set of projects, I mean).
I can’t count how many times I’ve had to save a temporary local copy of a project because Xojo had troubles in saving or compiling an app. And then, I end up having copies of my projects all around, for which I sometimes have to compare against the real one, just because Xojo decided to not support a basic feature of computing.

Thank you for having mentioned that.

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