Project load times

We have a web project that takes a long time to load into he IDE. ( 6 minutes and 3 seconds on an M1 Macbook Pro). Not the plugins. The project itself.

What can be done?

You do not disclose some data:

size of the project,
where resides the project (cloud, OneDrive, external HDD, SSD),
project contents (number of Windows, number of Controls on the front window (at open time), etc.
Imported images…

OS name, version (Big Sur vs Monterey)
WEB1 or WEB2 ?

And I do not know if there are many Projects kinds (XML, Binary, Text)… if so, what format ?

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There is a feedback case for this. I’m far from my computer but I’ll paste the number as soon as I can.

In that report, the project loads slow but it then can be saved really fast.

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@Jay_Menna this is the case I was talking about: <>

Thanks I voted for it.

size of the project 230 MB
On Local Drive
No images
number of Controls on the front window (front? ) 5 buttons 2 fields on “Webpage1”
Text format (Need to use Git…)


Nota: I suffered during a couple of days from a project slow loading time.

Once I was boring, I looked at what I was doing to discover that… the project format for that desktop application was… xml…

So, I was loading and saving an xml project takes time! Sure, it takes time to translate to/from xml. I saved it as binary and things speed up drastically.
(I certainly needed to watch something in the project and save it as xml and it stays like that for some days…)

230MB? Is that the size of everything in the folder or is there one particular file that’s very big?

Everything in the folder.

the largest single item is the .xojo_resources file at 11.2 MB

theyd have to see your project I guess. As I recall, even the whole Xojo IDE didn’t take that long on my 8-core i9, and that project is huge.