Project keeps on asking for the resource files


Can someone help on how to fix this mess that drives me nuts.

I have a project, .xojo_project extension.

MacOS Ventura 13.6.1
XOJO 2023 R3

Each time i open the project it says “Please resolve the following issues. if you do not resolve them now, you can resolve them in the future.” and i get all the assets, images missing, i select the source as usual, apply them then save. once i close the project and open it again, same issue.

without moving your folder ?

Is your folder on a shared volume ?
(not on a physical/boot hard disk)

I get that only when I move the project and the resources (never when I move the project folder (as container of the project and resources)… from a disk / computer into another…

Hello Emile

No, without moving the folder
not on a shared drive, it is in my mac as it was always .

the funny part is that i got this long time ago, similar issue . no idea what i did to fix it last time, i think i convert it to binary and then back to xojo_project

You could try:

Load the old project.
Reassign missing resources.
Create a new project folder somewhere.
Save as “your project” there.
Click “collect project items” from the menu “File”
Try to compile. Fix something if something is missing (like build steps)
Save it if necessary.

Close. Reopen. Should work…

I guess the latest 3.1 fixed the problem as i don’t get anymore this issue after update.


What I have, and use as the unit to save and move to another machine, is a folder for the project, within which are folders for the source, for images, for other resources the project needs. That way, I have ONE folder I move around which will always compile without any issues.

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The last time I had fun with this on macOS the path in the user folder needed to be the same or Xojo had a really nice hissy fit.

One occurrence of having to “correct” some 80 images was enough for me. That was when I got myself organised to have everything in the one folder.

There’s no need to be astonished when this happens; just get organised.