Project format in Xojo Lite licenses

Sorry if the question may seem trivial…
In the latest announcement of March 26 it is said that “new and existing Xojo Lite licenses are version control ready”.
We have a Xojo Lite 2022r3 license, but although it is possible to select “text” and “xml” as the default format of the project, the “Save” dialog does not give us the option to choose the format and the project is always saved only in binary format…
Is there an explanation for this? Thanks!

I would expect that to apply to 2024r1 and later.

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You have to quote completely, please. The blog says:“Beginning with Xojo 2024r1, new and existing Xojo Lite licenses are version control ready.”.

Source: Version Control Ready Xojo Lite and Free Xojo Linux Lite for Everyone – Xojo Programming Blog

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Current license as in not expired.
But also using 2024r1 or later.

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Your Xojo edition must support this enhancement that did not exist before 2024r1, probably it is “physically” impossible to work on previous editions, due to be a non-existent optional feature impossible to be activated.

Ok, thank you all, now it is clearer! :+1: