Project Feedback Case Feature

As you may know, there are some bugs in Xojo which are waiting for a correction for a while, and there are some missing features which will be added one day.

Waiting that, we sometimes enter code as a workarround or desactivate a part of our software.

I don’t know for you, but me I don’t remember what I was waiting for months or years after.
I thought about add in the Build Settings a “Feedback” just below “Shared”. In this Feedback, we would add the Feedback case (number) of the bug report or the feature we ask for.
So, when we open our project with a new Xojo version, we would see an alert listing the Feedback case whose the state change : bug corrected, feature added, or not a bug but closed (By Design), or feature won’t be added.
And then we search in our code what to modify (we can also enter Feedback numberin our comment of source code)

I didn’t created a Feedback feature request yet, before, I would like to know if it’s a silly idea or not.


Been there, done that. Not a bad idea. I’d leave the how of the implementation to Xojo.

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I sometimes use Notes on objects for this sort of thing, or a comment block something like

'  For Feedback Case 111111
'  Error happens and stuff and things

Then I can just search for “WORKAROUND” in my project.


I like this, but even better, put the feedback URL in the comments, since URLs are are clickable in the IDE

if p = nil then   ' workaround for  feedback://showreport?report_id=33614

Yes, but I have 11 projects, and sometimes I stop development for many months (or 1 years) and I can’t read carefully the Release Notes I missed and search each case I think or I remember I have something to do with in each of my project.
My idea was : I open a project, a messagebox appears “State of feedback xxxx , yyyy and zzzz changed” because I listed the case number xxxx , yyyy and zzzz in my project.

Managing complexity is hard, unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

Put all your Feedback ids / titles in a text file.

Create an application that will be fired at boot time that will check the Feedback status for you.

Just an idea, implementation are useless details in ideas (until I have to code and build, of course).

With the promised html Feedback, this will certainly be easier to implement (in your application).